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Videos | August 15, 2019


WORST TEST RIDE ROUTE EVER! Went to test ride a KTM Duke 790 and was super excited as I’ve wanted to ride one since forever. However the route sucked ass…just […]

Videos | August 14, 2019


COULDN’T RIDE DUE TO PAST INJURIES Been such a long time since I’ve been able to ride. It’s good to be back on 2 wheels! Nothing really to mention in […]

Videos | July 19, 2019


360 CAMERA TEST AND THE 3R CHALLENGE What’s up guys. In today’s video I decided to “borrow” the Theta S 360 degree camera from work. We only use it to […]

Videos | June 7, 2019


#challengeaccepted VISIT 26 PLACES IN TEN MINUTES What’s up guys. In todays motovlog I meet up with a fellow foreign rider here in Japan. We then embark on a mission […]

Videos | April 25, 2019


SUZUKA SKYLINE – Amazing road except for the speed bumps Oooooh man. I’ve been waiting for this day for months. Finally the winter closure is over and Suzuka Skyline is […]

Videos | April 20, 2019


NEW WHEELIE PRACTICE SPOT What’s up guys. Today I went out to a place called Sekigahara, where a huge battle was fought in 1600. It wasn’t as interesting as I […]

Videos | April 2, 2019


JAPANESE CANYON ROAD I just can’t help myself. I went to Orange Road again. It’s such a great road to ride. Hardly any traffic (This time was rare – saw […]

Videos | March 29, 2019


NEW WEBSITE What’s up guys. This week I bought the domain tarmacjapan.com and have been making a website to use as a portal for all my videos and photos. If […]