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Bought this 2004 CBR600RR from Yahoo Auctions two weeks ago

What’s up guys, on September 9th, 2019 I bought this kinda beaten up 2004 model CBR600RR from Yahoo Auctions. From the photos I could tell that the bike was going to need a new fairing set, and some TLC, so today I decided to strip all the bodywork off clean the bike up, and basically inspect it to see if there were any hidden problems that would need fixing.

Stripped down after cleaning

Stripping the bike down was a piece of cake due to the fact that most of the plastics were a) broken, and b) half of the fixings were missing. Had to laugh, but I knew this bike was going to take up a bit of time and money, so I wasn’t too worried. For the cleaning process I used the following cleaning products all bought from “Racing World”, a bike shop here in Japan.

Cleaning the chain was my No.1 priority just to see if it could be brought back to life!

I spent a lot of time and half a bottle of de-greaser on the chain and sprockets, but unfortunately the chain was junk. I wonder if the previous owner cleaned or lubed it once. It was so rusty and screwed that it was hard to turn the rear wheel when up on the paddock stand. Now considering which chain and sprockets to replace it with. Probably going to go down to a 520×112 chain with a 16 front and 42 tooth rear sprocket. Anyone reading this have any suggestions? Would like to be able to do 140mph for boring highway journeys, but also make it a bit more responsive for canyon riding.

This is after 30 minutes of cleaning. JUNK!!!

After wasting time on the chain, I moved onto the bike itself. Firstly I warmed the bike up…I’ve always felt that a warm engine, with warm-expanded gaskets is the safer option for cleaning a bike using a pressure washer. When everything is hot and expanded, it should (in theory) make it harder for the water to get into the oily parts. Whether that’s a fact or not, I can’t say, but I have always washed my bikes after letting them idle for ten minutes or so…

Soapy soapy

I used the entire bottle of power wash, and brushed it into all the nooks and crannies on the frame and engine. Surprisingly I didn’t find any oil leaks or anything concerning. My only one concern is the front right fork, which is weeping a tiny bit around the seal. I plan on refreshing the forks with new seals and oil anyway, so not really a big deal. Cosmetically I’m not happy with the wheels…Despite liberally applying both de-greaser and regular car shampoo, they still look pretty faded. I think when I change the tires out, I’ll spend a bit of time polishing them to try and get them back to their original shine.

This is how it currently sits. Needed it to be ride able for moving from shop to shop and eventually for inspection/number plates.

After cleaning and rubbing for around 5 hours, I eventually got the back to a reasonably good condition. There was literally years of dust, mud, crud, and other shit covering the bike. Now it’s pretty clean and ready for it’s new fairing set which is on order.


The following parts are now on order and I’m just waiting for them to come.
Chain and Sprockets (520×112 with 16/42)
Full Fairing Set (Brand new from AliExpress)
Spark Plugs
Oil & Air Filter
Silicone Radiator Hoses

Once all of the essentials are done, I’ll then start making the bike a bit more “racey”.

Thanks for reading. Please join me on YouTube for the latest riding videos!

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