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Tarmac Japan

Tarmac Japan

What’s up guys and welcome to Episode 2 of Project CBR600RR. Today I stripped all the bodywork off the bike and cleaned every nook and cranny with some motorcycle specific de-greaser and cleaner. After it was dried off I gave this bike a decent inspection and checked for oil leaks, or any other problems. I was pretty disappointed with the bike in the beginning, but after cleaning it up, I feel a lot better. The bike was obviously not well looked after by the previous owner, but after a bit of TLC, some new parts, and a lot of time, it will be a good bike again. In the next episode I’ll be changing the tires, chain, and sprockets. Stay tuned!

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Grillabeats “Shakuhachi”
Grillabeats “Kotonaru”
Grillabeats “Senso”


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