Tarmac Japan

Videos | April 20, 2019


NEW WHEELIE PRACTICE SPOT What’s up guys. Today I went out to a place called Sekigahara, where a huge battle was fought in 1600. It wasn’t as interesting as I […]

Videos | April 10, 2019


SC PROJECT EXHAUST FOR MY MT-07 So I went ahead and bought a Chinese full exhaust from AliExpress. It was $150 including shipping and arrived in just over a week. […]

Videos | April 2, 2019


JAPANESE CANYON ROAD I just can’t help myself. I went to Orange Road again. It’s such a great road to ride. Hardly any traffic (This time was rare – saw […]

Videos | March 29, 2019


NEW WEBSITE What’s up guys. This week I bought the domain tarmacjapan.com and have been making a website to use as a portal for all my videos and photos. If […]

Blog | March 29, 2019

What makes a Café Racer?

Is this Yamaha MT-07 really a Café Racer? That’s the big question…Before you make your own judgements, let’s look at what makes a genuine Café Racer? First let’s look back […]

Videos | March 27, 2019


MIKAWAWAN SKYLINE Hi guys, today I rode my bike out to the Mikawawan Skyline located near Gamagori, Japan. It was my first time here, and my riding was a bit […]

Ride Outs | March 26, 2019

Great ride today in Aichi Prefecture

Found a great racing circuit Good day to you my lovely readers. Today I stumbled upon a great (little) circuit called Kota Circuit. I found the place online, but the […]

Videos | March 21, 2019


CHERRY BLOSSOM TIME Hey everyone, today I was running super late for work (by Japanese standards anyway) but managed to remember to turn on my GoPro and film the journey […]

Videos | March 13, 2019


NEARLY HIGHSIDED! Hi all, yesterday I decided to get my audio settings nailed. I think I’ve done a pretty good job, but I’m open to your comments. Please write something […]

Videos | March 5, 2019


ORANGE ROAD DAY TRIP This is the first video I ever made. I basically spent 3 days editing this, then realized how hard it is making videos. For this video […]