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Tarmac Japan

SUZUKA SKYLINE – Amazing road except for the speed bumps

Oooooh man. I’ve been waiting for this day for months. Finally the winter closure is over and Suzuka Skyline is re-opened. I had been looking forward to it for a long time and had booked the day off ages ago. It was my first time and I’d heard such good things. BUT, I’d heard good things from car people, not bikers. It was so picturesque, and the turns/corners/curves were frickin’ amazing….all except for one thing. Mini speed bumps! Those suckers SUCK. It made the ride so much less enjoyable as the corner speeds were so low due to the bumpiness and slipperiness of those bastards lines. Overall it was a good day, but those lines man…..Grrrrrrrr. If they weren’t there this could be one of the best riding roads in the world.

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