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This is where I share all of my videos. Be it a motovlog, a video from my “In The Garage” series, or an adventure / touring video

Videos | July 15, 2020

Weird Shrine in Japan – Peach Boy

Today I rode my 990 Superduke to the Momotaro Shrine in Inuyama, Japan. In this video I tell you the story about Peach Boy and show you a tour of […]

Videos | June 24, 2020

How To Ride A Motorcycle …

Today my KTM clutch decided to die. I had no choice but to ride it home. This is how I did it…Pretty simple, but I am sure some people don’t […]

Videos | June 21, 2020

Amazing Motorcycle Test Track

Today I rode my 990 Superduke to a Ski Resort which is located in Shiga Prefecture here in Japan. This Ski Resort rents out the parking lots in the summer […]

Videos | June 17, 2020


Today’s video is a random one. I just went to the beach one night with a mate to chill and some “likely lads” turned up on their Bosozoku bikes and […]

Videos | June 13, 2020

Lets Do Lunch

Today I rode my 990 Superduke to a Mexican fast food joint in my city. Nothing particularly special, but it filled a hole.

Videos | June 10, 2020

Finding God (Drone footage inside)

Today I rode my 990 Superduke to a big-ass Buddha statue in a park kinda close to me. Managed to get some sneaky drone shots, then chilled under a tree […]

Videos | June 7, 2020

Abandoned Ducati Monster in Japan

Today I rode my 990 Superduke to go and check out a dumped 2005? Ducati Monster M1000sei in a local area. This was an $11K motorcycle when new and has […]