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Day trips, road Trips, track-days all go here. I will try my best to add as many reports on my riding adventures here

Ride Outs | May 20, 2020


Today me and my mate Adam rode our bikes to Suzuka Skyline. I think it was Adam’s first time, and was my 3rd or 4th time here. We didn’t go […]

Ride Outs | April 23, 2019

Suzuka Skyline

What a great road. If only there were no yellow painted lines! What’s up guys. I had a fantastic day on my MT-07 today. I have lived in Japan for […]

Ride Outs | March 26, 2019

Great ride today in Aichi Prefecture

Found a great racing circuit Good day to you my lovely readers. Today I stumbled upon a great (little) circuit called Kota Circuit. I found the place online, but the […]